#3 Big Bang Challenge

Favourite Big Bang music video.

Of course their newest one, We Like 2 Party!

Favourite Big Bang solo song.

This is so tough, I couldn't choose one as my favourite so I'm going to make a list. One from each member hahaha

1. Eyes Nose Lips - Taeyang

I seriously couldn't get enough of this guy voice, not only in this song but every other songs too!

2. That XX - G-Dragon

The simplest yet the most addictive song ever.

3. Wings - Daesung

I simply love everything about Daesung in this song.

4. Gotta Talk To You - Seungri

The grown up maknae is such a major turn on! 

5. Doom Dada - T.O.P

T.O.P doesn't really have that much solo songs, but I love his rap in this song.