Science Innovation and Invention Competition


It is all started with.....

Me: Hmmm, rasa macam nak join korang tapi...
Nisa': Join jelah. Tapi apa?
Me: Kau tahu kan, kalau aku join nanti... *a censored story* *lol* *whatever*
Erna: Alah takpe, join je. Tak rugi apa pun. Dia faham lah.
Me: Well okay then. So I'm joining you guys.

L'oreal Young Scientist Carnival.
Science Innovation and Invention Competition
High performances/cluster schools
Selangor 2012

Organized at UPM, Serdang.

Meriah kemain panjang bak hang nama dia. Hahaha

Our first innovation is a whatever-it-is-called-i-can't-remember-the-name innovation (or is it invention? lol what on earth i don't know) from kulit durian. After we've done some research, we got all frustrated... dammit, the innovation is already on the internet. Yeah, we need other innovation or invention.

How about...

1. Tomato + aloe soap
2. Tomato + tapioca soap
3. Tomato +aloe + tapioca soap
4. Pennywort (pegaga) + aloe + tamarind (asam jawa) + honey + mengkudu juice.

But, after we've been thinking wisely, we thought that it's kinda hard for us. I mean, it wasn't that easy... Soap is for personal usage kan, takkan nak buat gitu-gitu je kan? So, it's canceled. 

Then, on a peaceful *lah sangat* Friday's evening, we're in a library...

Okay so let's go. We seriously need to came out with a fixed decision. What innovation will it be? Jalan-jalan dalam library, buat bising-bising sikit, cuba untuk online twitter tapi tak berjaya...  

Me: Guys, why don't we try turmeric lip balm?
Teammates: Okay jugak tu.

So we proceed with that one. 

It was on Trial SMA. We should busy ourselves for the examination but we was busy with the innovation.

Those beetroot, turmeric, vaseline blah blah blah and it turned out weird. Lol didn't know whether it's safe to be used or not. Basically, we can say that..... it's FAILED.

It's kind of hard to find bunga telang these days kan? Why don't we make an innovation from this bunga telang?

So, we create this innovation called Blue Pea Powder.

Our Trial SMA were spent with Blue Pea Powder proposal. But nevermind it's all worth it after our team was chosen to be one of the top three groups yang akan masuk bertanding with other few school at UPM Serdang. *yeayy*


Berwebcam sambil siapkan proposal. Hehehe

"What's the use of this product actually?" "Bunga telang? Apa tu? Tak pernah dengar pun?" "Innovation apa yang korang buat sebenarnya ni?"

So everytime people ask me this kind of question, I will answer them with...

"You know that nasi kerabu yang popular kat Kelantan tu? So, as you know the colour of the rice is blue, isn't it? Basically, the original nasi kerabu is from bunga telang. The colour of the rice supposed to be dark blue.  I mean the colour is nice lah kalau guna bunga telang tu. But that flower is hard to find, senang cerita kalau kat bandar memang susah nak cari. So, we create an innovation from this bunga, we make it to Blue Pea Powder. It'll be easier lah for those yang nak masak nasi kerabu. They don't have to use any blue dye which is unhealthy because our innovation is pure natural product."

Tapi ada satu masalah for this innovation...

Us: "Mana nak cari bunga telang ni?"
Hidayah: "Kat rumah aku ada pokok bunga telang tu!"
Us: "Nakkk! Boleh?" *muka baik*

Us: "Stok tak cukup. We need more bunga telang.."

Later that evening....

*kutip bunga depan restoran* *nasib baik aku tak ikut sekali* *hahaha* *kenapa banyak sangat star ni* *weh, dah lah* *banyaknya star kau*

Forward cerita... forward cerita... forward cerita. Peperiksaan Akhir Tahun habis, SMA pun habis and it's time for us to seriously focus on our innovation.

It was Friday. The day we finished our SMA. In thought of having a freedom-party, we got busy for the competition. Naik bas turun bas pergi petik bunga, jumpa crush Syazwa, tertinggal plastik bunga kat kedai makan. Lol nice memories it is by the way :-)

It was Saturday and it's time for us have our rest. Of course we should because the next three days will be tough.

And... it's Sunday. While others kat rumah/bercuti, enjoying their holiday... we're 'enjoying' with all this kind of busy, nervous and all other mixed feelings. Babe, the contest is on next Tuesday, siapa je yang tak nervous kan?

Bersungguh-sungguh buat kerja dalam makmal.

And suddenly it's Monday. Busy with the presentation practice. Pamphlet yang bila kena print from other computer, automatically the font changed. Blah blah blah and then there we are at UPM Serdang.

"Eh... keciknya booth. I thought besar lah sikit from this..." Yes I do admit, it was sempit lah on the first time we went there. And I got stressed out. That RM25 flower didn't want to stay at the desk. I mean we've been using double-tape and whatever-tape-it-is-called but still tertanggal.

After we've done decorating our booth (which is not that nice pun but still I do satisfied because they look good and mature), and bersempit-sempit empat orang duduk kat seat belakang (lol it's me, Erna, Syazwa and Amirah. Lucky Nisa' sebab dia selamba duduk dengan luasnya kat seat depan) sampai lah ke Uncle Bob Restaurant. Lol we're having our meal there and teacher sent me home. Hehehe, thank you teacher!



Auni texted me: "Good luck and all the best!"
Me: "Hehehe thanks Auni! *dalam hati: thanks sebab we seriously need that luck*

To be honest, I'm stressed out on that day, pagi tu jelah. The time before nak present, masa kemas-kemas booth tu. I mean nak kena siapkan itu ini, and then ada benda yang tak kena itu ini. Rasa macam nak balik time tu... Eh, emosinya?

Presentation scene mood: ON.


"Assalamualaikum and welcome to our booth. First of all, let me introduce ourselves. I'm Aina and this is my teammates Syazwa, Erna, Nisa and Amirah. Okay, Ill start with some explanation of our innovation, Bionatural Blue Pea Powder."

And blah blah blah, dalam hati nervous sebenarnya time present tu. Terkeluar segala 'lah' aku. Tak professional betul. *bukak lab coat* Eh, takde lah, gurau je. *sarung balik lab coat*

Dah habis present, it's time for the judges untuk tanya kiteorang pulak. It was okay lah, I mean the questions yang judges bagi kiteorg boleh jawab... sort of


Judges: "For how long this product, the one in this sachet can stay long?"

Us: *explain some other things.*

Judges: "No, that's not the answer. I'm asking you guys, benda ni boleh tahan sampai bila?"

Us: *explain some other things... again*

Judges: "Benda ni boleh tahan sampai bila? Boleh guna sampai bila?"

Me: "To be frank, we don't actually have done the research for how long this product will stay. I mean, because as long as the product is in this sealed sachet, it's okay to be used."

Judges: "Oh. Okay..."

Dan bertubi-tubi soalan mencabar minda yang lain. *reload machine gun*


Lepas judges, Managing Director of L'oreal Malaysia pulak datang. Explain lah kau sensorang kat situ. Kemain tau, rasa macam hebat sangat bila dapat speaking depan orang luar negara. Hihi


Forward cerita... forward cerita... forward cerita. We're now waiting for the winners. Poyo tau konon nervous lah bagai duduk depan stage tu, padehal dalam hati tahu takkan menang punya.

"Best booth decoration goes to... Coco Dulcis body scrub! (from SAMT Sultan Hisamuddin)

*tumpang gembira* *tepuk-tepuk tangan* 

"Best innovation goes to... Pico Hydro Generator!"

*tepuk-tepuk tangan* *dah agak dah group ni mesti menang*

"2nd runner up goes to... Fruit juice as electro-I'm-sorry-I-can't-remember-the-full-name-of-the-innovation!"

*tepuk-tepuk tangan* 

"Eh kalau kita naik nanti nak salam tangan ke dengan Managing Director tu?"

"Tak payah kot.........."

"Eh! Tolong lah weh. Tak payah nak berangan sangat boleh naik."

"Wuuuu~ Okay... *sedih*"

"1st runner up goes to... Pressure Stabilizer!"

*tepuk-tepuk tangan* *dah agak dah group ni mesti menang* 

The idea of this Pressure Stabilizer is so genius that I thought they'll get the first prize. But they don't...

Pastu usha-usha sikit atas pentas... dorang keluarkan yang macam banner tu apa entah nama dia, tulis CHAMPION.


"And the champion goes to...... Bionatural..." *bangun dari kerusi* "tepuk tangan sambil menjerit* "Blue Pea Powder."

Tak habis sebut nama innovation lagi dah menjerit sebab I WAS SURPRISED. I MEAN WHAT IS THIS? SERIOUSLY KE KITA MENANG? APA NI? APA NI? KENAPA KITA MENANG?

*jalan dengan penuh rasa curious macam mana boleh menang naik atas pentas*

Ended up tak salam tangan pun dengan Managing Director tu. Hahaha. Berdiri atas pentas... "How did we win this?"

Syazwa nampak paling bahagia. Lol

Turun pentas and we took some pictures, and suddenly...

"Group leader mana eh? Nak interview sekejap boleh?"

"Erna, Erna!" *tolak Erna ke depan*

"Aku pulak, Aina lah." *Erna menunding jari*

"Eh, tapi kita mana ada group leader."

"Teacher, teacher." And ended up with teacher as our 'group leader'. Lol


And then sesi mengambil gambar banyak-banyak and then balik. Flash camera kemain tau. Rasa macam artis sekejap pastu sakit mata. Lol


Raja sebagai ketua pasukan duduk tengah-tengah and depan sekali. Lol

Hmmm, banyak cerita forward. Lol nevermind because the whole story will stay inside my mind because this is one of the keajaiban dunia (of course it is,  because how did we win this?) and best memories I've ever had.


Congratulation teammates Erna Laila, Syazwa Azirah, Khairul Nisa' and Nur Amirah.


After all the things that we've sacrificed... Alhamdulillah for everything. 

What do I learned from this whole story?

Whatever you do, niat is the most important thing. I do once learned about niat from Hannan (in my PMR and ended up I got the best result) but this time is from teacher Azwira. "Ya Allah, ikhlaskan lah hati kami dalam menyertai pertandingan ini bukan kerana kemenangan semata-mata tetapi kerana ingin menuntut ilmu." Thanks for the reminder, teacher :)

It took me almost four hours okay for updating this blog. Amenda entah yang lama sangat tu. Bukannya best sangat pun post ni. Lol. So I guess that's all. Yes I know this post is too long but thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum and have a nice day!


simple person said...

Assalamualaikum,aina..congrate for your achievement on this competition.mmg terbaekwokk..tahniah buat teammates korg dan all teammates SAMTISHians...*thumbs up!
next time bolehlah jdi scientist..inshaaAllah..ameen..

simple person said...

congrate ats kemenangan korg nih..mmg terbaekkwokk...tahniah jugak buat semua team SAMTiSH yg turut serta dlm competition nih...u all have done ur best..thumbs up..lps nih klu mak aku or makcik aku ke nk buat nasi kerabu x yahlah ssh2 nk cri bunge telang tuh..just get blue pea powder dri korg..hikhikhik..tahniah lgi skali!