My situation

Everytime I think about how my Sijil Menengah Agama's result would be...


I don't feel like living in this world anymore. I keep on thinking some overacting thought such as...

"I've got my luck used in PMR and Science Innovation and Invention competition and maybe there's no luck left anymore for my SMA?"

or more like...

"I want to escape from this life that I want to live in a cave and I don't want to come out from it."

but the worst thought is...

"I would rather die than knowing my result."

Ya Allah. Help me. I know I didn't do my best for the exam. But at least, I want a result that I will accept the way it is with an open heart-ed. To have a mumtaz, I know it's impossible... but... I don't want any maqbul or Rasib 

Mumtaz (cemerlang). 
Jayyid jiddan (sangat baik). 
Jayyid (baik). 
Maqbul (lulus).
 Rasib (gagal).

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