Places I'd Like to Visit

Hello, assalamualaikum. How are you guys doing? I'm doing fine.

Wow, it has been seriously such a long time since the last time I updated this blog. I have always wanted to update since I have done my big examination last year, but I don't really have much things to talk about.

But hey now, here I am!

First of all,  I am sorry if I look like a fool trying to write in English. I know I am not good in English, but what should I do? English is actually where my passion at. So, I hope you guys don't mind. Not that I really care, because I bet there's no one would read this... so yeah. But if you did, thank you!

I guess that would be enough for an introduction. So, today's post is about..... *drum roll*

Places I would (really, really, really) like to visit! *confetti burst everywhere* There's actually so many places I'd like to visit, but I'll make it short to top 3.


 photo 319b3946-8183-497e-ba5d-5d702e14d549_zps7f602319.jpg

What I like the most about  New York City is their skyscrappers, yellow cabs, people on the street, the subway, the ice skating when they are on their winter, the Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and much more!

 photo New-York-Times-Square-USA-Streets-768x1366_zps814e82cb.jpg
 photo ny_central_park_zps0b4d631e.jpg


 photo DSC_0313_zps531d2c98.jpg

Well actually, I have been to Universal Studios Singapore but I heard that Universal Studios Hollywood at Los Angeles is so much fun. If I could have the chance, I want to experience the fun at all of the Universal Studios. You know, the one at Orlando, Japan and Florida. Amusement park is so my league.

 photo 093bb996-a959-44a2-9a90-82f60f344ea4_zps7c2f8704.jpg
 photo 059d542a-0c40-46b0-9b5e-f8d6f0eede03_zpsf8e22663.png

Here's two of my pictures at Universal Studios Singapore;

 photo _DSC1378_zpsbe56a991.jpg
 photo _DSC1299_zpsac5cc26d.jpg


I think it is maybe because I am a k-pop fans that I really want to be there. But seriously though, it's not like I hope that when I was walking at the street, suddenly I met one of Big Bang's member (T.O.P) and then we became friends and then we fell in love with each other and then we married and living the rest of life together. No. Not actually.....

It is because the Korea itself. I have been watching reality tv shows about people having vacation there and pictures of people who had their further studies there. And not forget to mention, the Korean dramas.

I think Korea is such a nice place. I think it would be fun if I could spend some of my lifetime there.

Malaysia is so much different from Korea (i think?), so I kind of want to experience something new, something out of box that were written Malaysia on it.

 photo 20131108000991_0_zps31c76fe4.jpg
 photo 2012092601138_0_zps65769c21.jpg
 photo 13_zpsaa8f707e.jpeg
 photo tumblr_lqy8i8Jrsf1qh76df_zps80ff5a42.jpg
 photo 1426702_image_2_zps6bde6139.jpg

I guess that's all for now. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day ahead!

"When a person really desire something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream." 
-Paulo Coelho

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