Shuffle Playlist

"Put your music player on shuffle and write about 10 songs that pop up."

1. Yellow Raincoat (Believe Acoustic) by Justin Bieber.

Well, I'm a fan of Justin Bieber so it's literally normal about me having his song on my music player.

2. Beauty and a Beat (Believe Acoustic) by Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber again, huh? Besides the original version, I love this version too. Oh btw, I love Nicki Minaj's part in the original version.

3. Hold Tight by Justin Bieber. (#musicmondays)

And it's Justin Bieber again! Hahaha I've never wondered about how many Justin's song is in my music player. About this song, I love the fact that Justin would release a single every Monday for 10 weeks straight. He's such a hardworking singer. Salute!

4. Akan Tiba by Alif Satar.

Well, here's the Malay song! I don't have Malay song that much on my music player but I honestly would say that this is one of my favourite songs!

5. Grenade by Bruno Mars.

I love this song basically because of the lyrics (even though I've never get my heart break because of love). The lyrics is plain simple but they have a deep meaning.

6. Fantastic Baby by Big Bang.

Wohooo! My favourite idol. Hehehe. I love Big Bang and I've become one of their fans (the fandom called as VIP) since 2012. And I got a serious major heartbreak when I didn't went to their last Alive Tour concert here, at Malaysia. I mean, how often would they held a concert here, right. How long should I wait for the next one? :-(

7. So Cool by Sistar.

Sistar is my most favourite girls K-pop idols. One of the member, Hyolyn has a great voice. I started to admire her when she was on her korean drama, Dream High. It's a great drama btw.

8. All Around The World (Believe Acoustic) by Justin Bieber.

And now I wonder, does my playlist really consist of that much of Justin's songs? Hahaha. The first time I watched the music video, I kind of jealous with people who have been to his concert, met him in real life, took pictures together with him. Damn those lucky people. Why am I not one of them?

9. Bitter Heart by Zee Avi.

A Malaysian singer that manage to make her song to oversea besides Yuna! Bitter Heart is a very simple song, I mean I can memorize the lyrics with just a few replay. This song is fun.

10. Lies by Big Bang.

Lies is my first favourite Korean song. I first heard it back when I was in form 1. Never knew I would be one of their die hard fans now.

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